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Major handling Products:
Specially ordered products, Sample products, etc.
- Semiconductor equipment related:
Wafer cleaning station, Fixture cleaning machine, Quartz cleaning machine, Clean draft, Clean bench, Various kinds of anti-acid tank.

- Piping works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), Modification of equipment, Installation of equipment.

- Machinery works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), modification of equipment, installation of equipment.

Air bubble elimination & pulsation ease.
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Super Bubble Cutter

A product image This is the ideal product to eliminate air bubbles. All you have to do is just install it into the existing facility and run in semiconductor fab, pharmaceutical fab and food factory. Furthermore it eases pulsation flow generated by pump. The product is customized according to each individual fluids.

Features of Super Bubble Cutter. (Bubble eliminator)

Easy installation into existing equipment and/or facility. Maintenance free due to no utility required. Help reduce running cost of equipment.
Help increase efficiency & safety of equipment. Environment friendly due to drastic reduction of waste fluid. Easy adaptability to mixed fluid.

Only Satoh Jushi can provide the customer with the systems perfectly compatible with the needs through his manufacturing experience accumulated for years.

The Super Bubble Cutter just eliminate your problem by simply install into your existing equipment and / or facility.

One Super Bubble Cutter contributes a lot to elimination of bubbles and pulsation generated in existing semiconductor processes.

The cleaning systems W/O the Super Bubble Cutter eliminate small bubbles generated in fluid & in the piping provide stable fluid supply and maintenance of fluid purity in the processes using Hydrogen peroxide or organic solvent.

Because of precise engineering for internal of the product as per operating conditions such as viscosity and flow rate, we are ready to provide the customer with optimum conditions.

We also offer our engineering and manufacturing capability for equipment such as the bubble count monitoring and alarm system to monitor abnormal amount of bubbles and constant fluid supply system.

The Super Bubble Cutter provides simple bubble elimination system with tremendous space saving.

The product is in use in the industries such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food & beverage.

PTFE is the standard material for the Super Bubble Cutter.

Other materials (Denatured PTFE, PFA, PVC, PP, stainless steel) are available and selected depending on the customer's operating environment such as temperature and fluid.

Model : M-40
Fluid tested : Pure water 
Temp : Room
Flow measurement : Ultra sonic flow meter
Pump : Diaphragm
* in case that bubbles were forced going into fluid.
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