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Major handling Products:
Specially ordered products, Sample products, etc.
- Semiconductor equipment related:
Wafer cleaning station, Fixture cleaning machine, Quartz cleaning machine, Clean draft, Clean bench, Various kinds of anti-acid tank.

- Piping works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), Modification of equipment, Installation of equipment.

- Machinery works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), modification of equipment, installation of equipment.

Monitoring and alarming abnormal bubble generation.
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Super Bubble Monitor

Super Bubble Monitor & SP


Semiconductor Pharmaceutical
Food & beverage Research and development
Any processes of chemicals, DI water and water solutions


Its compact design minimizes installation foot-print.

User-friendly equipment: Simple & easy installation of sensor into the piping and plug-in-use.

The monitor provides alarming and interlock systems with output signals; shutting down equipment to minimize contamination and / or off-spec product.

The model : SP provides the function of monitoring bubble counts through optional touch-panel.

Note : Piping shall be transparent or translucent for the sensor and it shall be not applicable for fluids like heavy oil which make the piping wall opaque.

Examples of applications [ Super Bubble Monitor ]

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Examples of applications [ Super Bubble Monitor SP ]

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