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Major handling Products:
Specially ordered products, Sample products, etc.
- Semiconductor equipment related:
Wafer cleaning station, Fixture cleaning machine, Quartz cleaning machine, Clean draft, Clean bench, Various kinds of anti-acid tank.

- Piping works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), Modification of equipment, Installation of equipment.

- Machinery works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), modification of equipment, installation of equipment.

Solution to obtain naturally smooth flow by damping fluid pulsation, and reducing vortex generation
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Super Airless Damper

  スーパーエアレスダンパーimage Providing stable supply of fluid by reducing pulsation and vortex generation of fluid.

(Providing drastic effect to fluid transportation by various kinds of pumps)

Features of Super Airless Damper

No use of external utilities such as Air, N2 and power. No moving pures such as diaphragm and bellows, resulting in no damage. Capable of manufacturing the devices from the capacity of ml/min to L/min. Easy connection of IN/OUT and play.

-The unique concept of the products provides drastic space savings and easy installation, while perfect damping.

-Custom design as per each individual application always provides optimum effect.

-Standard material for the products is PTFE, but other materials suitable for various kinds of applications are also available.


Industries recommended

Chemical Food & beverage Pharmaceutical Ink
Dairy Cosmetics Semiconductor Pulp & paper
Water treatment
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