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Major handling Products:
Specially ordered products, Sample products, etc.
- Semiconductor equipment related:
Wafer cleaning station, Fixture cleaning machine, Quartz cleaning machine, Clean draft, Clean bench, Various kinds of anti-acid tank.

- Piping works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), Modification of equipment, Installation of equipment.

- Machinery works:
Machining(NC rooter, etc), modification of equipment, installation of equipment.

Company profile

Corporate Data

Name of Company Satoh Jushi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Address 1-9-11, Higashikomatsugawa, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo 132-0033 Japan
Tel : 81-3-3656-6044, Fax : 81-3-3652-8550
President Kanji Satoh
Capital JPY10Million
Employees 10


1965 : Established Satoh Jushi Kogyo in Edogawa-Ku of Tokyo for Plastic processing Industry.
1978 : Changed the name of company to Satoh Jushi Kogyo Co.,Ltd. By changing it to a joint-stock corporation.
1978 : Obtained certificate from the governor of Tokyo Metropolitan for piping business.
1981 : Obtained certificate from the governor of Tokyo Metropolitan for machinery installation business.
1999 : Developed Super Bubble Cutter and apply for patent.
2000 : Developed Super Liquid Supply system for constant liquid volume supply and apply for patent.
2001 : Developed Super Bubble Monitor for abnormal bubble monitoring and alarming and apply for patent.
2001 : Certified as a company in line with the Tokyo Metropolitan's product creation law.
2004 : Obtained patent for super bubble cutter.
2005 : Developed Super Airless Damper to eliminate pulsation of liquid and apply for patent.
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